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Southampton Race Equality Council

16 October 2016

Supporting the needs of those subjected to racism & discrimination.

Black History South recognise the work of the Southampton Race Equality Council.

People and places are the key factors that play a part in marking moments that should be remembered.

The Black History Month plaque, popularly known as “The Black Plaque” has been The South’s way of recognising such moments and over the last few years it has been marked in the following ways:

Bob Marley’s very early appearance in Southampton in 1973 at the Coach House, Swaythling, Southampton; prior to his conquest of the USA supporting Bruce Springsteen.

Joe Harriott, international saxophonist, who died in the city and is buried in Bitterne churchyard.

Craig David, international artist who needs no introduction. 

Mae Street Kidd, who served in Southampton as the assistant director of the American Red Cross.

In 2016, we recognised a place; 1 Northbrook Road, Newtown Southampton; the first home of Southampton Community Relations Council, later to be known as Southampton Race Equality Council. The first Director was Sue Penny and the office was popularly known as “Miss Penny’s Office”. From the 1970s this organisation was a major force in tackling race inequality in the city and beyond; and made significant contributions in fighting race discrimination and furthering good community relations on a personal and institutional level.

Don John and Jayanti Shah were key players during this period and Black History South are proud to formally recognise the work of this organisation. 

The Mayor of Southampton held a formal reception to mark this event and this took place in The Mayor’s Parlour on Thursday 13th October by invitation.


Humans of Southampton - Black History Month 2016, ITV Meridian News

Everybody's Britain Race Relations Southampton, 1979

A rediscovered missing tape about Race in Southampton 1979 with Don John. Filmed by Students at La Sainte Union Teachers Training College in Southampton part of Southampton University.

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