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Southampton Black Archives

23 June 2023

Celebrating the launch of Southampton Black Archive’s new website.

In partnership with Black Archives South and Southampton City Council Cultural Services, please join us to celebrate the launch of Southampton Black Archive’s new website.

Keynote speakers:

Helen Jackson, Southampton Black Archives

Artists Michael Elliot (Jamaica) and Mary Evans (London) who are working together on the public art programme, Co-Creating Public Space.

The event includes the first showing of photographs taken by local artist Nosa Malcolm of members of the Southampton community, whose oral histories are in the Southampton City Archives.

Drinks and refreshments will be available throughout the evening.

This event is part of Windrush Legacy Project, with support from the UK Government’s Windrush Day Grant Scheme 2023 and University of Southampton.



John Hansard Gallery

Image Credit: 

Haywood Magee

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