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Black History Month South has been successful in receiving a Communities Against Cancer grant, to help raise awareness amongst our communities, about prostate cancer and the increased risk to Black Men. 

Prostate Cancer will affect 1 in 4 Black men, compared to 1 in 8 men from other ethnic backgrounds. We also know that Black men aged 45+ are at greater risk of prostate cancer. 


This is a stark figure that needs to be realised so men can take appropriate action to ensure they are tested when needed because the earlier the cancer is diagnosed, the better the outcomes and survival rates will be. 

Prostate cancer has many treatment options and many men will live a long life after their diagnosis, provided the cancer can be treated from an early stage.


If you are a black male, aged over 45  and/or have a history of prostate cancer in your family, then regardless of experiencing any other symptoms, it is recommended that you request a PSA test to begin with, which will determine whether further investigation might be needed. 

Information about the PSA test, is available on the Prostate Cancer UK (PCUK) website:

The PCUK site also has lots of helpful information about spotting the signs and symptoms or prostate cancer if you have noticed any changes or you are worried to about a family member who may be at risk of prostate cancer then please take action and speak to your GP.

Pompey, in the Community equality, diversity and inclusion leader, Duke; kindly shared his recent experience of going for his PSA test;

"My dad said to me, it is so important that you go and get this checked out... I was that guy who thought it was very intrusive and that's what stopped me from going. Then I spoke to my daughter and she encouraged me to go for the exam. "

"Basically it's an easy process, they did a blood test and my results came back as normal. I don't know why I was worried, it was a simple examination where they took some blood."

If you would like to share your experience of going for a PSA test, or being diagnosed with Prostate cancer, please do get in touch or feel free to visit the Cancer Matters Wessex website, where you can find out about many other ways you could get involved and help to spread the message to friends and family, colleagues and communities across the South. 

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In collaboration with...

Prostate Cancer UK
Southampton 2025
Dorset Race Equality Council
NHS Dorset Clinical Commissioning Group
Cancer Matters Wessex
Action Hampshire
NHS Dorset Cancer Partnership
NHS Hampshire and Isle of Wight
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