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Theme: Herstory

The 2021 livestream event was held at Mast Mayflower Studios Southampton with keynote speaker Shelina Permalloo.

Our 2021 guest speakers were 2021-2022 Mayor of Southampton Alex Houghton, and Southampton 2025 Bid Director Claire Whittaker. 

We had performances by singer Ebonie G, along with poetry by women from St. George's Catholic college.


Millicent Hylton

Millicent was nominated for a Black History Month South Award by the Basingstoke Caribbean and Friends. Millicent has done fantastic work for the Caribbean society for the last 40 years, and also for the wider community - including community healthcare - in Basingstoke. She was one of the leaders of this. Someone you can call on for her nursing talents and for her community abilities.

Nkeundum Giddeon Angafor

Nkeundum Giddeon Angafor was nominated for a Black History Month South Award by the Basingstoke Caribbean and Friends. Giddeon is chair of the UK Banbui Association and has lived in Basingstoke since 2005. Nkeundum means 'pathfinder' so the traditional knighthood bestowed on him in recognition of his services to the Banbui community at home in the Cameroon and abroad. He is a pioneer secretary to the board of trustees at the Basingstoke Multicultural Forum, the BMF and has worked with other community organisations like the Basingstoke Caribbean society and friends, the Hindu society, and other community organisations to build the BMF between 2013 and 2016. He is also a talented DJ and has often applied his DJ skills to perfection while supporting the Basingstoke Caribbean Society and other organisations during cultural and special events during Black History Month and other significant celebrations. He has a book, titled 'In Between', about his early experiences arriving in Southampton from the Cameroon.

Keesha Edwards

Keesha Edwards is from Southampton, she is a former National Diversity Award Winner and positive role model for race, religion, and faith. She is the owner of a mobile popcorn business, and a dedicated supporter of young people and the cities ethnic communities. Keesha has worked as a Youth Mentor in Southampton, helping teenagers into education and careers. She has created projects for children at her family church to teach valuable life skills by supporting local charities. Keesha is also the presenter on Unity 101 community radio, she has been co-presenting the black community show celebrating the lives and cultures of Southampton’s African, Caribbean, and Black British communities for 10 years.

Alf Charles Black Plaque Unveiling

21st October 2021

A commemorative plaque celebrating Southampton’s first black player, Alf Charles, has been unveiled in the city’s Cultural Quarter.


Organised by Black History Month South, the ceremony near the Guildhall took place on Thursday and recognised the trailblazing contribution of Charles, who last year also had a plaque unveiled in his honour at St Mary’s Stadium.

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