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There will be a prize of £100 for the most compelling poem or short essay which will be published

With the commemoration of the Mayflower leaving Southampton in 1620, Southampton is recognising that it is a city shaped by migration. The Black presence in and migration through Southampton has been especially long and predates the arrival of the Empire Windrush by hundreds of years.

As part of this recognition, we are looking for short essays or poems of between 50 and 200 words which relate to your experience of being Black in Southampton and coming from a family of migrant background. How do you feel about Southampton as your home?

To be included in a walking tour book of migrant Southampton coming out of the Mayflower 400 commemorations. We will get feedback to all entrants. Open to all students 10 -24

The deadline is 31 May 2021 and the chosen entry will be announced on Tuesday June 15th 2021

To enter, send your work to .... and please include your contact address and your age. Thank you

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